Saturday, 12 April, 2008

on my way back

After a long time, i am writing something here. Two weeks back i returned to india after a short term assignment. The trip was nice. I just felt that as a picnic, in company's cost(OC).

(தமிழ் படிக்கத் தெரியாத சிலருக்காக ஆங்கிலத்தில் இந்த பதிவு.)
(I might write more posts, looking back the days i spent there.)

On my way back when i went into the flight, and found my seat, i saw an American sitting next to my seat. Mine is a window seat. He smiled at me when i went there, and i too returned him the same. But felt a bit uncomfortable.

I wiped my cheeks completely, because it was completely wet becos of the tears. Just the thick friendship that i got there made me sink into sentiment for a period of time, and i went out of control, and cried.

I started admiring the topview of the buildings, which are getting reduced in size slowly. This time I was able to see the ocean too clearly. The waves too were too short. And the separation, of the land and ocean, the clouds nearby, the clear sky... Everything made me so happy. And i told all of them, "Me too here, as one of God's creation". I just respected the Ocean's control. And the lakes and rivers in between made me feel like the roots of ocean into the land. Is the land holding the ocean too?(just an imaginery question within me). Later, i saw lands filled with snow, and here and there, trees and buildings showing their colors to tell that they are there. Slowly it went dark outside.

I felt sleepy. And started sleeping too. After some moment(i dono the unit of time), i woke up, when i got hit by his shoulders. And told him "I am sorry", with a guilty smile. And i leaned on the window shutters and started sleeping again. After sometime, i was made to wake up by that stupid (ayo english vaarthaye varalaye) plastic desk. it was attached to the back side of the seat infront of me. And the control which was fastening it to the seat got loosened, and it hit my hands(my hands were on my lap), will the blowing sound. Usually, we'll remove that
fastening to use it as a desk to keep our items while eating(everyone knows, but still).

I was very much irritated by this happening. But the man sitting next to me was doing things fast to put that back to its position. I thanked him in my mind, and went back to sleep, as if he was the one to repair that at that time. And after sometime, i woke up again when i fell again. This time i din hit anything. When i woke up, the man sitting next to me was missing. I thought nature wud have called him. I felt somebody is looking at me from the back row, and in the adjacent column. God, its him. We just smiled each other. And i went uncontrollable in laugh. But din laugh actually. I turned towards the window and laughed for sometimes, thinking
about that poor guy. I hope its because of my sleepng performance that made him jump to the back seat. I opened that window's shutters, everything was dark outside, closed it again. And this time, i utilsed the seat, next to me. I laid on the seats, and had my legs folded and started sleeping. I felt so relaxed to have two seats. Not even the business class people cud have slept so in aiplanes like that. I slept so well, thanking that guy in my mind.

Dono how long i slept like that. An airhostress woke me after a long time, and asked "you will take only asian meals right?". She told so with such a cute smile i just nodded my head, and now Asian vegetarian meals, water, and Apple juice filled my tray. I started eating. I am full. Then can you guess what i did again? i know most of you would have concluded correctly, yes, i slept again...